Casa / Analizzatore corporeo Risonanza magnetica quantistica / Prezzo dell'analizzatore quantistico: La tua guida definitiva all'analizzatore magnetico a risonanza quantistica di MAIKONG

Prezzo dell'analizzatore quantistico: La tua guida definitiva all'analizzatore magnetico a risonanza quantistica di MAIKONG

Prezzo dell'analizzatore quantistico: La tua guida definitiva all'analizzatore magnetico a risonanza quantistica di MAIKONG
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    Analizzatore magnetico a risonanza quantistica (QRMA) by MAIKONG has emerged as a groundbreaking device that offers profound insights into one’s well-being. In questa guida completa, we will delve deep into the intriguing world of the Quantum Analyser Price, uncovering the intricacies of this remarkable device and the value it brings to the table.

    Understanding the Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer

    Before we explore the pricing details, let’s establish a solid understanding of what the Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer is and how it works.

    What is a Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer?

    The QRMA is a non-invasive health assessment device that harnesses the principles of quantum physics and magnetic resonance to analyze the body’s electromagnetic field. By doing so, it provides invaluable insights into an individual’s health status, making it a powerful tool for early detection and preventive healthcare.

    How Does the QRMA Work?

    The QRMA machine functions by scanning the body’s electromagnetic field and collecting data on various health parameters. It then compiles this data into a comprehensive health report, highlighting areas of balance and potential imbalances.

    Factors Influencing Quantum Analyser Price

    Ora, let’s dive into the factors that influence the pricing of Quantum Analyser Machines.

    1. Modello e caratteristiche

    QRMA machines come in various models, each with different features and capabilities. Il prezzo può variare a seconda del modello scelto, with more advanced models offering a wider range of health assessments.

    2. Language Support and Reports

    The QRMA software supports multiple languages, making it accessible to a global audience. Furthermore, the availability of software updates and the number of health reports included can impact the price.

    MAIKONG Quantum Analyser Price Range

    MAIKONG is dedicated to offering a range of Quantum Magnetic Analysers to cater to different needs. Ecco una panoramica della fascia di prezzo in base alle nostre offerte attuali:

    Modello Fascia di prezzo (NGN)
    Standard QRMA Machine usd65₦120
    Advanced QRMA Machine ₦380₦X1000
    Premium QRMA Machine ₦10000₦50000

    Tieni presente che queste sono fasce di prezzo approssimative, and the final cost may vary based on additional features and customization options.


    Specifiche della macchina per l'analisi quantistica

    Per una comprensione più dettagliata, diamo uno sguardo più da vicino alle specifiche della macchina analizzatrice quantistica di MAIKONG:

    Attributo Dettagli
    Garanzia 1 Anno
    After-sale Service Online Technical Support
    Luogo d'origine Guangdong, Cina
    Instrument Classification Class I
    Type Biochemical Analysis System
    Brand Name MAIKONG
    Numero di modello MK006
    Product Name Quantum Body Analyzer Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer
    Funzione Body Health Check
    Language Version Inglese, spagnolo, francese, e altro ancora
    Rapporti 54 Rapporti
    Color Black
    Applicazione Casa, Clinics, Beauty Salon, Health Center
    sistema operativo XP, Win7, Win8, Win10, Win11
    Certificato CE

    Imballaggio e consegna

    Quando acquisti un analizzatore quantistico da MAIKONG, you can expect careful packaging and prompt delivery. Each unit is securely packed in a gift box and then placed in a single small carton. Typically, we ship orders within 1-2 giorni dalla ricezione del pagamento. Per ordini internazionali, we utilize express courier services such as UPS, DHL, or FedEx, con tempi di consegna che vanno dal 7-9 giorni.

    Who Can Benefit from QRMA?

    QRMA technology is a powerful tool for health assessment, but it may not be suitable for everyone. Individuals who should refrain from using QRMA include:

    • Handicap Persons
    • Individuals Wearing Pacemakers
    • Those Under Long-Term Medication
    • Women Experiencing Menstruation

    How to Use the Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyzer

    Using the QRMA machine is a straightforward process:

    1. Nessuna installazione software richiesta: Unlike many devices, QRMA requires no software installation.
    2. Connetti il ​​dispositivo: Collega il dispositivo al PC di prova utilizzando il cavo USB fornito. Place the hand sensor on the device, and insert the USB key into your PC.
    3. Apri il software: Avviare il software, tenere il sensore manuale, e avviare il test.
    4. Test rapido: Il test generalmente si conclude entro circa 2 minuti. Salva i report generati nella tua posizione preferita.

    Quantum Therapy Analyzer Price: Una guida completa

    Prezzo dell'analizzatore di salute quantistica in India: Esplorando l’analizzatore magnetico a risonanza quantistica di MAIKONG

    Quantum Analyser Price varies based on factors such as model, caratteristiche, language support, and included reports. MAIKONG, as a leading supplier, offers a range of QRMA machines to meet diverse healthcare needs. Investing in a QRMA machine can lead to proactive health management and a deeper understanding of your well-being. If you’re interested in exploring opportunities to become a distributor, agente, or access wholesale pricing for MAIKONG Quantum Analyser Machines, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Experience the future of healthcare with QRMA technology today!

    Domande frequenti (Domande frequenti)

    1. How often should I update the QRMA software?

    We recommend regular software updates to ensure you have access to the latest advancements in health assessment technology.

    2. What is the warranty for MAIKONG’s Quantum Analyser Machines?

    MAIKONG offers a one-year warranty for the hardware of our QRMA machines, providing peace of mind for our valued customers.

    3. Can I customize the QRMA machine with my branding?

    SÌ, MAIKONG supporta la personalizzazione OEM, allowing you to align the machine with your branding and market preferences.

    4. How do I know which QRMA machine model is suitable for my needs?

    Our experienced team can assist you in choosing the most appropriate QRMA machine based on your specific requirements and healthcare goals.

    5. Are there any ongoing costs associated with using the QRMA machine?

    Aside from the initial purchase, there are no additional costs for software updates or language support.

    6. What is the typical delivery time for international orders?

    Once payment is received, we typically ship within 1-2 giorni. International orders are delivered via express courier services, with an average delivery time of 7-9 giorni.

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